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Information for Parents and Guardians

My child is interested in joining CAP. What can I do? Is there some way I can help or do I need to just find ways to spend my time while child is at meetings and activities?

When most people think of CAP, they think of flying or having to serve on an emergency services team. While we certainly welcome and need additional volunteers in these areas, we are also in need of volunteers to fill other roles as well. These areas of service are called specialty tracks and the following is a list of the specialty tracks that are available:

Personnel Inspector General Character Development      Emergency Services
Aerospace Education    Legal Logistics Recruiting and Retention
Public Affairs Professional Development     Command Communication
Cadet Programs Health Services Operations Information Technology
Finance Administration Historian Cadet Activities
Safety Chaplain Standards & Evaluation Cadet Leadership


Please feel free to review this list and ask about any area that you find of interest. Our Professional Development officer or a member of the command staff will be happy to get you started.

Finally, if none of these areas seem to appeal to you, ask about becoming a sponsor member!
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